Everyone has an exhilarating, unique world in their minds, one where experiences and perspectives live that can seldom be expressed in words or explained to someone who does not share that world. As an artist, I have discovered that my hands, with the right tools, can create imagery that lets others into my world and allow them to share in the exhilaration of how I experience the world we all share.

The faces series, although born from a brief, took me on an exciting journey of discovery and expression. With each stroke I uncover a unique feature reflecting familiar characteristic of the beloved O.R. Tambo, sometimes the stalwart and at other times the honourable expression of his faces. This body of work is a tribute to a legend South Africa loves.

I use a mixed medium of soft pastel and acrylic on canvas to reproduce familiar images of O.R Tambo, originally in pictures. The produced work ranges from exceptionally detailed portraits to abstract interpretations. The completion of one work of art stirs up the inspiration and energy for the next, yet each one is unique in how it captures the subject. The final stroke is to maintain the integrity of the O.R. Tambo faces collection by presenting it at an exhibition that honours the legend it represents and everything he stood for.

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